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Improve detail of resolve conflict docs

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# Merge conflict resolution
# Merge request conflict resolution
> [Introduced][ce-5479] in GitLab 8.11.
Merge conflicts occur when two branches have different changes that cannot be
merged automatically.
When a merge request has conflicts, GitLab may provide the option to resolve
those conflicts in the GitLab UI. (See
[conflicts available for resolution](#conflicts-available-for-resolution) for
more information on when this is available.) If this is an option, you will see
a **resolve these conflicts** link in the merge request widget:
Git is able to automatically merge changes between branches in most cases, but
there are situations where Git will require your assistance to resolve the
conflicts manually. Typically, this is necessary when people change the same
parts of the same files.
GitLab will prevent merge requests from being merged until all conflicts are
resolved. Conflicts can be resolved locally, or in many cases within GitLab
(see [conflicts available for resolution](#conflicts-available-for-resolution)
for information on when this is available).
![Merge request widget](img/merge_request_widget.png)
NOTE: **Note:**
GitLab resolves conflicts by creating a merge commit in the source branch that
is not automatically merged into the target branch. This allows the merge
commit to be reviewed and tested before the changes are merged, preventing
unintended changes entering the target branch without review or breaking the
## Resolve conflicts: interactive mode
> [Introduced]( in GitLab 8.11.
Clicking this will show a list of files with conflicts, with conflict sections
......@@ -21,9 +37,9 @@ request into the source branch, resolving the conflicts using the options
chosen. If the source branch is `feature` and the target branch is `master`,
this is similar to performing `git checkout feature; git merge master` locally.
## Merge conflict editor
## Resolve conflicts: inline editor
> Introduced in GitLab 8.13.
> [Introduced]( in GitLab 8.13.
The merge conflict resolution editor allows for more complex merge conflicts,
which require the user to manually modify a file in order to resolve a conflict,
......@@ -50,5 +66,3 @@ Additionally, GitLab does not detect conflicts in renames away from a path. For
example, this will not create a conflict: on branch `a`, doing `git mv file1
file2`; on branch `b`, doing `git mv file1 file3`. Instead, both files will be
present in the branch after the merge request is merged.
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