Commit 1b5e3b2e authored by Sean McGivern's avatar Sean McGivern

Merge branch '55109-jira-integration-api-doesn-t-respect-available-format' into 'master'

API: Support Jira transition ID as string

Closes #55109

See merge request gitlab-org/gitlab-ce!24400
parents 6e8c3ae8 0d8fd9f7
title: 'API: Support Jira transition ID as string'
merge_request: 24400
author: Robert Schilling
type: fixed
......@@ -431,7 +431,7 @@ module API
required: false,
name: :jira_issue_transition_id,
type: Integer,
type: String,
desc: 'The ID of a transition that moves issues to a closed state. You can find this number under the JIRA workflow administration (**Administration > Issues > Workflows**) by selecting **View** under **Operations** of the desired workflow of your project. The ID of each state can be found inside the parenthesis of each transition name under the **Transitions (id)** column ([see screenshot][trans]). By default, this ID is set to `2`'
......@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ Service.available_services_names.each do |service|
elsif service == 'irker' && k == :server_port
hash.merge!(k => 1234)
elsif service == 'jira' && k == :jira_issue_transition_id
hash.merge!(k => 1234)
hash.merge!(k => '1,2,3')
hash.merge!(k => "someword")
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