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1. Along with GitLab Docker Images we also build and publish GitLab QA images.
1. GitLab QA project uses these images to execute integration tests.
## Validating GitLab views / partials / selectors in merge requests
We recently added a new CI job that is going to be triggered for every push
event in CE and EE projects. The job is called `qa:selectors` and it will
verify coupling between page objects implemented as a part of GitLab QA
and corresponding views / partials / selectors in CE / EE.
Whenever `qa:selectors` job fails in your merge request, you are supposed to
fix [page objects](qa/page/ You should also trigger end-to-end tests
using `package-qa` manual action, to test if everything works fine.
## How can I use it?
You can use GitLab QA to exercise tests on any live instance! For example, the
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