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Commit 19a79483 authored by Oswaldo Ferreira's avatar Oswaldo Ferreira

Add docs for commenting in any line of MR diff files

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......@@ -141,6 +141,15 @@ you hide discussions that are no longer relevant.
[Read more about resolving discussion comments in merge requests reviews.](../../discussions/
## Commenting on any file line in merge requests
> [Introduced]( in GitLab 11.5.
GitLab provides a way of leaving comments in any part of the file being changed
in a Merge Request. To do so, click the **...** button in the gutter of the Merge Request diff UI to expand the diff lines and leave a comment, just as you would for a changed line.
![Comment on any diff file line](img/comment-on-any-diff-line.png)
## Resolve conflicts
When a merge request has conflicts, GitLab may provide the option to resolve
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