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Commit 16f00bd9 authored by Lukas 'Eipi' Eipert's avatar Lukas 'Eipi' Eipert Committed by Lukas Eipert

Update dependency @gitlab/svgs to ^1.48.0

parent 8b25e00f
......@@ -653,10 +653,10 @@
eslint-plugin-promise "^4.0.1"
eslint-plugin-vue "^5.0.0"
version "1.47.0"
resolved ""
integrity sha512-0Bx/HxqR8xpqqaLnZiFAHIh1jTAFQPFToVZ6Wi3QyhsAwmXRAbgw1SlkRMZ7w3e6l+G71Wnw+GnI4rx1gK8JLQ==
version "1.48.0"
resolved ""
integrity sha512-9lRsfqN0W3JxopiXnTzvDY31O465jMTGNKpiOCXy7uAMfwZA6UsRsc7Pp369uKnOLR0duXUGOxOv4NGsK6AeXw==
version "1.22.1"
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