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Update database requirements documentation with more MySQL limitations

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......@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ Please see the [installation from source guide]( and the [instal
### Non-Unix operating systems such as Windows
GitLab is developed for Unix operating systems.
GitLab is developed for Unix operating systems.
It does **not** run on Windows, and we have no plans to support it in the near future. For the latest development status view this [issue](
Please consider using a virtual machine to run GitLab.
......@@ -103,19 +103,21 @@ features of GitLab work with MySQL/MariaDB:
1. MySQL support for subgroups was [dropped with GitLab 9.3][post].
See [issue #30472][30472] for more information.
1. GitLab Geo does [not support MySQL](
1. [Zero downtime migrations][zero] do not work with MySQL
1. Geo **[STARTER ONLY]** does [not support MySQL]( This means no supported Disaster Recovery solution if using MySQL.
1. [Zero downtime migrations][../update/] do not work with MySQL.
1. GitLab [optimizes the loading of dashboard events]( using [PostgreSQL LATERAL JOINs](
1. In general, SQL optimized for PostgreSQL may run much slower in MySQL due to
differences in query planners. For example, subqueries that work well in PostgreSQL
may not be [performant in MySQL](
may not be [performant in MySQL](
1. Binary column index length is limited to 20 bytes. This is accomplished with [a hack](
1. MySQL requires a variety of hacks to increase limits on various columns, [for example](
1. [The milestone filter runs slower queries on MySQL](
1. We expect this list to grow over time.
Existing users using GitLab with MySQL/MariaDB are advised to
[migrate to PostgreSQL](../update/ instead.
[zero]: ../update/
### PostgreSQL Requirements
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