Commit 12903762 authored by Robert Speicher's avatar Robert Speicher

Simplify broadcast message JS

Also resets the default example message when the user input is blank.
parent 6ae39c2c
......@@ -13,15 +13,16 @@ class @Admin
$('input#broadcast_message_color').on 'input', ->
previewColor = $('input#broadcast_message_color').val()
previewColor = $(@).val()
$('div.broadcast-message-preview').css('background-color', previewColor)
$('input#broadcast_message_font').on 'input', ->
previewColor = $('input#broadcast_message_font').val()
previewColor = $(@).val()
$('div.broadcast-message-preview').css('color', previewColor)
$('textarea#broadcast_message_message').on 'input', ->
previewMessage = $('textarea#broadcast_message_message').val()
previewMessage = $(@).val()
previewMessage = "Your message here" if previewMessage.trim() == ''
$('div.broadcast-message-preview span').text(previewMessage)
$('.log-tabs a').click (e) ->
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