Commit 1265dccb authored by Robert Schilling's avatar Robert Schilling

Fix wrong merged changelog entries

parent 4ab717ea
......@@ -73,16 +73,15 @@ v 7.10.0 (unreleased)
- Fix git over ssh errors 'fatal: protocol error: bad line length character'
- Automatically setup GitLab CI project for forks if origin project has GitLab CI enabled
- Bust group page project list cache when namespace name or path changes.
v 7.9.3
- Contains no changes
- Add icons to Add dropdown items.
- Allow admin to create public deploy keys that are accessible to any project.
- Warn when gitlab-shell version doesn't match requirement.
- Skip email confirmation when set by admin or via LDAP.
- Only allow users to reference groups, projects, issues, MRs, commits they have access to.
v 7.9.3
- Contains no changes
v 7.9.2
- Contains no changes
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