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Commit 121de6dc authored by Evan Read's avatar Evan Read
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Merge branch 'olliverschinagl/gitlab-ce-clarify_master_branch_name' into 'master'

Olliverschinagl/gitlab ce clarify master branch name

See merge request gitlab-org/gitlab-ce!25965
parents 3ad30037 1f708ebb
......@@ -367,10 +367,11 @@ job:
- branches@gitlab-org/gitlab-ce
- master@gitlab-org/gitlab-ce
- release/.*@gitlab-org/gitlab-ce
The above example will run `job` for all branches on `gitlab-org/gitlab-ce`,
except master.
except `master` and those with names prefixed with `release/`.
If a job does not have an `only` rule, `only: ['branches', 'tags']` is set by
default. If it doesn't have an `except` rule, it is empty.
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