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In order to publish your web application, you first need to find the endpoint which will be either an IP
address or a hostname associated with your load balancer.
### Let GitLab fetch the external endpoint
### Automatically determining the external endpoint
> [Introduced]( in GitLab 10.6.
If you [installed Ingress or Knative](#installing-applications),
you should see the Ingress Endpoint on this same page within a few minutes.
If you don't see this, GitLab might not be able to determine the external endpoint of
your ingress application in which case you should manually determine it.
After you install [Ingress or Knative](#installing-applications), Gitlab attempts to determine the external endpoint
and it should be available within a few minutes. If the endpoint doesn't appear
and your cluster runs on Google Kubernetes Engine:
1. Check your [Kubernetes cluster on Google Kubernetes Engine]( to ensure there are no errors on its nodes.
1. Ensure you have enough [Quotas]( on Google Kubernetes Engine. For more information, see [Resource Quotas](
1. Check [Google Cloud's Status]( to ensure they are not having any disruptions.
If GitLab is still unable to determine the endpoint of your Ingress or Knative application, you can
manually determine it by following the steps below.
### Manually determining the external endpoint
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