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Add inclusive language to translation guidelines

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......@@ -58,6 +58,18 @@ For example, in French we translate `you` as the informal `tu`.
You can refer to other translated strings and notes in the glossary to assist determining a
suitable level of formality.
### Inclusive language
[Diversity] is one of GitLab's values.
We ask you to avoid translations which exclude people based on their gender or ethnicity.
In languages which distinguish between a male and female form,
use both or choose a neutral formulation.
For example in German, the word "user" can be translated into "Benutzer" (male) or "Benutzerin" (female).
Therefore "create a new user" would translate into "Einen neuen Benutzer/eine neue Benutzerin anlegen".
### Updating the glossary
To propose additions to the glossary please
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