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# GitLab Community Edition documentation
# GitLab Community Edition Documentation
## University
All technical content published by GitLab lives in the documentation, including:
[University](university/ contain guides to learn Git and GitLab through courses and videos.
- **General Documentation**
- [User docs](#user-documentation): general documentation dedicated to regular users of GitLab
- [Admin docs](#administrator-documentation): general documentation dedicated to administrators of GitLab instances
- [Contributor docs](#contributor-documentation): general documentation on how to develop and contribute to GitLab
- **Documentation Articles**
- User guides: technical content to guide regular users from point A to point B
- Admin guides: technical content to guide administrators of GitLab instances from point A to point B
- Technical Overviews: technical content describing features, solutions, and third-party integrations
- Tutorials: technical content provided step-by-step on how to do things, or how to reach very specific objectives
- **[Indexes per Topic](topics/)**: content gathering all resources already published by GitLab related to an specific subject or theme, including:
- General Docs
- Documentation Articles
- Blog Posts
- Video Tutorials
## User documentation
See also:
- [Distinction between General Documentation and Documentation Articles](development/
- GitLab [University](university/ guides to learn Git and GitLab through courses and videos.
## User Documentation
- [Account Security](user/profile/account/ Securing your account via two-factor authentication, etc.
- [API](api/ Automate GitLab via a simple and powerful API.
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- [Git Attributes](user/project/ Managing Git attributes using a `.gitattributes` file.
- [Git cheatsheet]( Download a PDF describing the most used Git operations.
## Administrator documentation
## Administrator Documentation
- [Access restrictions](user/admin_area/settings/ Define which Git access protocols can be used to talk to GitLab
- [Authentication/Authorization](administration/auth/ Configure
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- [High Availability](administration/high_availability/ Configure multiple servers for scaling or high availability.
- [Container Registry](administration/ Configure Docker Registry with GitLab.
## Contributor documentation
## Contributor Documentation
- [Development](development/ All styleguides and explanations how to contribute.
- [Writing documentation](development/
- [Legal](legal/ Contributor license agreements.
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