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Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into artifacts-when

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We’re closing our issue tracker on GitHub so we can focus on the project and respond to issues more quickly.
We encourage you to open an issue on the [ issue tracker]( You can log into using your GitHub account.
Thank you for taking the time to contribute back to GitLab!
Please open a merge request [on](, we look forward to reviewing your contribution! You can log into using your GitHub account.
......@@ -7,7 +7,8 @@ services:
key: "ruby21"
- vendor
- vendor/apt
- vendor/ruby
......@@ -61,6 +62,8 @@ update-knapsack:
- scripts/merge-reports knapsack/rspec_report.json knapsack/rspec_node_*.json
- scripts/merge-reports knapsack/spinach_report.json knapsack/spinach_node_*.json
- rm -f knapsack/*_node_*.json
- master
# Execute all testing suites
......@@ -13,7 +13,8 @@ AllCops:
# Exclude some GitLab files
- 'vendor/**/*'
- 'db/**/*'
- 'db/*'
- 'db/fixtures/**/*'
- 'tmp/**/*'
- 'bin/**/*'
- 'lib/backup/**/*'
......@@ -1088,6 +1089,9 @@ Rails/TimeZone:
Enabled: false
Enabled: false
##################### RSpec ##################################
# Check that instances are not being stubbed globally.
Please view this file on the master branch, on stable branches it's out of date.
v 8.9.0 (unreleased)
- Fix Error 500 when using closes_issues API with an external issue tracker
- Bulk assign/unassign labels to issues.
- Ability to prioritize labels !4009 / !3205 (Thijs Wouters)
- Fix endless redirections when accessing user OAuth applications when they are disabled
- Allow enabling wiki page events from Webhook management UI
- Bump rouge to 1.11.0
- Fix issue with arrow keys not working in search autocomplete dropdown
- Make EmailsOnPushWorker use Sidekiq mailers queue
- Fix wiki page events' webhook to point to the wiki repository
- Don't show tags for revert and cherry-pick operations
- Fix issue todo not remove when leave project !4150 (Long Nguyen)
- Allow customisable text on the 'nearly there' page after a user signs up
- Bump recaptcha gem to 3.0.0 to remove deprecated stoken support
- Fix SVG sanitizer to allow more elements
- Allow forking projects with restricted visibility level
- Added descriptions to notification settings dropdown
- Improve note validation to prevent errors when creating invalid note via API
- Reduce number of fog gem dependencies
- Remove project notification settings associated with deleted projects
......@@ -18,14 +24,18 @@ v 8.9.0 (unreleased)
- Redesign navigation for project pages
- Fix groups API to list only user's accessible projects
- Redesign account and email confirmation emails
- `git clone https://host/namespace/project` now works, in addition to using the `.git` suffix
- Bump nokogiri to 1.6.8
- Use gitlab-shell v3.0.0
- Upgrade to jQuery 2
- Use Knapsack to evenly distribute tests across multiple nodes
- Add `sha` parameter to MR merge API, to ensure only reviewed changes are merged
- Don't allow MRs to be merged when commits were added since the last review / page load
- Add DB index on users.state
- Add rake task 'gitlab:db:configure' for conditionally seeding or migrating the database
- Changed the Slack build message to use the singular duration if necessary (Aran Koning)
- Links from a wiki page to other wiki pages should be rewritten as expected
- Add option to project to only allow merge requests to be merged if the build succeeds (Rui Santos)
- Fix issues filter when ordering by milestone
- Added artifacts:when to .gitlab-ci.yml - this requires GitLab Runner 1.3
- Todos will display target state if issuable target is 'Closed' or 'Merged'
......@@ -37,31 +47,43 @@ v 8.9.0 (unreleased)
- Use downcased path to container repository as this is expected path by Docker
- Projects pending deletion will render a 404 page
- Measure queue duration between gitlab-workhorse and Rails
- Make Omniauth providers specs to not modify global configuration
- Make authentication service for Container Registry to be compatible with < Docker 1.11
- Add Application Setting to configure Container Registry token expire delay (default 5min)
- Cache assigned issue and merge request counts in sidebar nav
- Use Knapsack only in CI environment
- Cache project build count in sidebar nav
- Add milestone expire date to the right sidebar
- Fix markdown_spec to use before instead of before(:all) to properly cleanup database after testing
- Reduce number of queries needed to render issue labels in the sidebar
- Improve error handling importing projects
- Remove duplicated notification settings
- Put project Files and Commits tabs under Code tab
- Decouple global notification level from user model
- Replace Colorize with Rainbow for coloring console output in Rake tasks.
- Add workhorse controller and API helpers
- An indicator is now displayed at the top of the comment field for confidential issues.
- RepositoryCheck::SingleRepositoryWorker public and private methods are now instrumented
v 8.8.4 (unreleased)
- Improve issuables APIs performance when accessing notes !4471
- External links now open in a new tab
- Markdown editor now correctly resets the input value on edit cancellation !4175
- Toggling a task list item in a issue/mr description does not creates a Todo for mentions
- Improved UX of date pickers on issue & milestone forms
- Cache on the database if a project has an active external issue tracker.
- Put project Labels and Milestones pages links under Issues and Merge Requests tabs as subnav
- All classes in the Banzai::ReferenceParser namespace are now instrumented
v 8.8.5 (unreleased)
- Ensure branch cleanup regardless of whether the GitHub import process succeeds
- Fix issue with arrow keys not working in search autocomplete dropdown
- Fix todos page throwing errors when you have a project pending deletion
- Reduce number of SQL queries when rendering user references
- Upgrade to jQuery 2
- Remove prev/next buttons on issues and merge requests
- Import GitHub repositories respecting the API rate limit
- Fix importer for GitHub comments on diff
- Disable Webhooks before proceeding with the GitHub import
- Added descriptions to notification settings dropdown
- Fix incremental trace upload API when using multi-byte UTF-8 chars in trace
v 8.8.4
- Fix LDAP-based login for users with 2FA enabled. !4493
v 8.8.3
- Fix 404 page when viewing TODOs that contain milestones or labels in different projects. !4312
......@@ -173,6 +195,7 @@ v 8.8.0
- Fixed advice on invalid permissions on upload path !2948 (Ludovic Perrine)
- Allows MR authors to have the source branch removed when merging the MR. !2801 (Jeroen Jacobs)
- When creating a .gitignore file a dropdown with templates will be provided
- Shows the issue/MR list search/filter form and corrects the mobile styling for guest users. #17562
v 8.7.7
- Fix import by `Any Git URL` broken if the URL contains a space
class @Activities
constructor: ->
Pager.init 20, true
Pager.init 20, true, false, @updateTooltips
$(".event-filter-link").on "click", (event) =>
updateTooltips: ->
gl.utils.localTimeAgo($('.js-timeago', '#activity'))
reloadActivities: ->
$(".content_list").html ''
Pager.init 20, true
......@@ -35,7 +35,6 @@
#= require raphael
#= require g.raphael
#= require
#= require Chart
#= require branch-graph
#= require ace/ace
#= require ace/ext-searchbox
......@@ -163,19 +162,6 @@ $ ->
$'placement') || 'bottom'
$('.header-logo .home').tooltip(
placement: (_, el) ->
$el = $(el)
if $('.page-with-sidebar').hasClass('page-sidebar-collapsed') then 'right' else 'bottom'
container: 'body'
selector: '.sidebar-collapsed .nav-sidebar a, .sidebar-collapsed a.sidebar-user'
placement: 'right'
container: 'body'
# Form submitter
$('.trigger-submit').on 'change', ->
......@@ -208,6 +194,7 @@ $ ->
$('.navbar-toggle').on 'click', ->
$('.header-content .title').toggle()
$('.header-content .header-logo').toggle()
$('.header-content .navbar-collapse').toggle()
$('.navbar-toggle i').toggleClass("fa-angle-right fa-angle-left")
......@@ -226,6 +213,10 @@ $ ->
form = btn.closest("form")
new ConfirmDangerModal(form, text)
$(document).on 'click', 'button', ->
$('input[type="search"]').each ->
$this = $(this)
$this.attr 'value', $this.val()
......@@ -238,7 +229,6 @@ $ ->
$this.attr 'value', $this.val()
$sidebarGutterToggle = $('.js-sidebar-toggle')
$navIconToggle = $('.toggle-nav-collapse')
.off 'breakpoint:change'
......@@ -248,10 +238,6 @@ $ ->
if $gutterIcon.hasClass('fa-angle-double-right')
$navIcon = $navIconToggle.find('.fa')
if $navIcon.hasClass('fa-angle-left')
fitSidebarForSize = ->
oldBootstrapBreakpoint = bootstrapBreakpoint
bootstrapBreakpoint = bp.getBreakpointSize()
......@@ -264,9 +250,10 @@ $ ->
$(document).trigger('breakpoint:change', [bootstrapBreakpoint])
.off "resize"
.on "resize", (e) ->
.off ""
.on "", (e) ->
gl.awardsHandler = new AwardsHandler()
new Aside()
......@@ -65,7 +65,7 @@ class @AwardsHandler
$addBtn.removeClass 'is-loading'
$menu = $('.emoji-menu')
@positionMenu($menu, $addBtn)
@renderFrequentlyUsedBlock() unless @frequentEmojiBlockRendered
setTimeout =>
$menu.addClass 'is-visible'
......@@ -100,7 +100,7 @@ class @AwardsHandler
addAward: (votesBlock, awardUrl, emoji, checkMutuality = yes, callback) ->
addAward: (votesBlock, awardUrl, emoji, checkMutuality = true, callback) ->
emoji = @normilizeEmojiName emoji
......@@ -111,7 +111,7 @@ class @AwardsHandler
$('.emoji-menu').removeClass 'is-visible'
addAwardToEmojiBar: (votesBlock, emoji, checkForMutuality = yes) ->
addAwardToEmojiBar: (votesBlock, emoji, checkForMutuality = true) ->
@checkMutuality votesBlock, emoji if checkForMutuality
@addEmojiToFrequentlyUsedList emoji
......@@ -153,7 +153,7 @@ class @AwardsHandler
if isAlreadyVoted
@showEmojiLoader $emojiButton
@addAward votesBlock, awardUrl, mutualVote, no, ->
@addAward votesBlock, awardUrl, mutualVote, false, ->
$emojiButton.removeClass 'is-loading'
......@@ -282,7 +282,7 @@ class @AwardsHandler
@createEmojiMenu @getAwardMenuUrl(), => @createEmoji_ votesBlock, emoji
getAwardMenuUrl: -> return gl.awardMenuUrl
getAwardMenuUrl: -> return gon.award_menu_url
resolveNameToCssClass: (emoji) ->
......@@ -336,13 +336,15 @@ class @AwardsHandler
if $.cookie 'frequently_used_emojis'
frequentlyUsedEmojis = @getFrequentlyUsedEmojis()
ul = $("<ul class='clearfix emoji-menu-list'>")
ul = $("<ul class='clearfix emoji-menu-list frequent-emojis'>")
for emoji in frequentlyUsedEmojis
$(".emoji-menu-content [data-emoji='#{emoji}']").closest('li').clone().appendTo(ul)
$('input.emoji-search').after(ul).after($('<h5>').text('Frequently used'))
@frequentEmojiBlockRendered = true
setupSearch: ->
......@@ -365,4 +367,4 @@ class @AwardsHandler
searchEmojis: (term) ->
$(".emoji-menu-content [data-emoji*='#{term}']").closest('li').clone()
$(".emoji-menu-list:not(.frequent-emojis) [data-emoji*='#{term}']").closest('li').clone()
class CiBuild
class @CiBuild
@interval: null
@state: null
constructor: (build_url, build_status, build_state) ->
constructor: (@build_url, @build_status, @state) ->
@state = build_state
# Init breakpoint checker
@bp = Breakpoints.get()
.off 'click', '.js-sidebar-build-toggle'
.on 'click', '.js-sidebar-build-toggle', @toggleSidebar
.off ''
.on '', @hideSidebar
if build_status == "running" || build_status == "pending"
if $('#build-trace').length
if @build_status is "running" or @build_status is "pending"
# Bind autoscroll button to follow build output
$("#autoscroll-button").bind "click", ->
$('#autoscroll-button').on 'click', ->
state = $(this).data("state")
if "enabled" is state
$(this).data "state", "disabled"
......@@ -27,26 +39,37 @@ class CiBuild
# Only valid for runnig build when output changes during time
CiBuild.interval = setInterval =>
if window.location.href.split("#").first() is build_url
last_state = @state
url: build_url + "/trace.json?state=" + encodeURIComponent(@state)
dataType: "json"
success: (log) =>
return unless last_state is @state
if log.state and log.status is "running"
@state = log.state
if log.append
$('.fa-refresh').before log.html
$('#build-trace code').html log.html
$('#build-trace code').append '<i class="fa fa-refresh fa-spin"/>'
else if log.status isnt build_status
Turbolinks.visit build_url
if window.location.href.split("#").first() is @build_url
, 4000
getInitialBuildTrace: ->
url: @build_url
dataType: 'json'
success: (build_data) ->
$('.js-build-output').html build_data.trace_html
if build_data.status is 'success' or build_data.status is 'failed'
getBuildTrace: ->
url: "#{@build_url}/trace.json?state=#{encodeURIComponent(@state)}"
dataType: "json"
success: (log) =>
if log.state
@state = log.state
if log.status is "running"
if log.append
$('.js-build-output').append log.html
$('.js-build-output').html log.html
else if log.status isnt @build_status
Turbolinks.visit @build_url
checkAutoscroll: ->
$("html,body").scrollTop $("#build-trace").height() if "enabled" is $("#autoscroll-button").data("state")
......@@ -61,4 +84,22 @@ class CiBuild
$body.outerHeight() - ($buildTrace.outerHeight() + $buildTrace.offset().top)
@CiBuild = CiBuild
shouldHideSidebar: ->
bootstrapBreakpoint = @bp.getBreakpointSize()
bootstrapBreakpoint is 'xs' or bootstrapBreakpoint is 'sm'
toggleSidebar: =>
if @shouldHideSidebar()
.toggleClass 'right-sidebar-expanded right-sidebar-collapsed'
hideSidebar: =>
if @shouldHideSidebar()
.removeClass 'right-sidebar-expanded'
.addClass 'right-sidebar-collapsed'
.removeClass 'right-sidebar-collapsed'
.addClass 'right-sidebar-expanded'
......@@ -23,7 +23,6 @@ class Dispatcher
new Issue()
shortcut_handler = new ShortcutsIssuable()
new ZenMode()
gl.awardsHandler = new AwardsHandler()
when 'projects:milestones:show', 'groups:milestones:show', 'dashboard:milestones:show'
new Milestone()
when 'dashboard:todos:index'
......@@ -54,7 +53,6 @@ class Dispatcher
new Diff()
shortcut_handler = new ShortcutsIssuable(true)
new ZenMode()
gl.awardsHandler = new AwardsHandler()
when "projects:merge_requests:diffs"
new Diff()
new ZenMode()
......@@ -3,6 +3,7 @@
window.GitLab ?= {}
GitLab.GfmAutoComplete =
dataLoading: false
dataLoaded: false
dataSource: ''
......@@ -22,6 +23,24 @@ GitLab.GfmAutoComplete =
template: '<li>${title}</li>'
template: '<li><i class="fa fa-refresh fa-spin"></i> Loading...</li>'
sorter: (query, items, searchKey) ->
return items if items[0].name? and items[0].name is 'loading'
$.fn.atwho.default.callbacks.sorter(query, items, searchKey)
filter: (query, data, searchKey) ->
return data if data[0] is 'loading'
$.fn.atwho.default.callbacks.filter(query, data, searchKey)
beforeInsert: (value) ->
if not GitLab.GfmAutoComplete.dataLoaded
# Add GFM auto-completion to all input fields, that accept GFM input.
setup: (wrap) ->
@input = $('.js-gfm-input')
......@@ -53,18 +72,37 @@ GitLab.GfmAutoComplete =
# Emoji
at: ':'
displayTpl: @Emoji.template
displayTpl: (value) =>
if value.path?
insertTpl: ':${name}:'
data: ['loading']
sorter: @DefaultOptions.sorter
filter: @DefaultOptions.filter
beforeInsert: @DefaultOptions.beforeInsert
# Team Members
at: '@'
displayTpl: @Members.template
displayTpl: (value) =>
if value.username?
insertTpl: '${atwho-at}${username}'
searchKey: 'search'
data: ['loading']
sorter: @DefaultOptions.sorter
filter: @DefaultOptions.filter
beforeInsert: @DefaultOptions.beforeInsert
beforeSave: (members) ->
$.map members, (m) ->
return m if not m.username?
title =
title += " (#{m.count})" if m.count
......@@ -76,11 +114,21 @@ GitLab.GfmAutoComplete =
at: '#'
alias: 'issues'
searchKey: 'search'
displayTpl: @Issues.template
displayTpl: (value) =>
if value.title?
data: ['loading']
insertTpl: '${atwho-at}${id}'
sorter: @DefaultOptions.sorter
filter: @DefaultOptions.filter
beforeInsert: @DefaultOptions.beforeInsert
beforeSave: (issues) ->
$.map issues, (i) ->
return i if not i.title?
id: i.iid
title: sanitize(i.title)
search: "#{i.iid} #{i.title}"
......@@ -89,11 +137,18 @@ GitLab.GfmAutoComplete =
at: '%'
alias: 'milestones'
searchKey: 'search'
displayTpl: @Milestones.template
displayTpl: (value) =>
if value.title?
insertTpl: '${atwho-at}"${title}"'
data: ['loading']
beforeSave: (milestones) ->
$.map milestones, (m) ->
return m if not m.title?
id: m.iid
title: sanitize(m.title)
search: "#{m.title}"
......@@ -102,11 +157,21 @@ GitLab.GfmAutoComplete =
at: '!'
alias: 'mergerequests'
searchKey: 'search'
displayTpl: @Issues.template
displayTpl: (value) =>
if value.title?
data: ['loading']
insertTpl: '${atwho-at}${id}'
sorter: @DefaultOptions.sorter
filter: @DefaultOptions.filter
beforeInsert: @DefaultOptions.beforeInsert
beforeSave: (merges) ->
$.map merges, (m) ->
return m if not m.title?
id: m.iid
title: sanitize(m.title)
search: "#{m.iid} #{m.title}"
......@@ -118,6 +183,8 @@ GitLab.GfmAutoComplete =
loadData: (data) ->
@dataLoaded = true
# load members
@input.atwho 'load', '@', data.members
# load issues
......@@ -128,3 +195,7 @@ GitLab.GfmAutoComplete =
@input.atwho 'load', 'mergerequests', data.mergerequests
# load emojis
@input.atwho 'load', ':', data.emojis
# This trigger at.js again
# otherwise we would be stuck with loading until the user types