Commit 0e2c1254 authored by Bob Van Landuyt's avatar Bob Van Landuyt

Bump the gitaly version to 1.7.0

Changelog from gitaly:

** v1.7.0

**** Added
- Add an RPC that allows repository size to be reduced by bulk-removing internal references

** v1.6.0

**** Other
- Clean up invalid keep-around refs when performing housekeeping

** v1.5.0

**** Added
- Add tls configuration to gitaly golang server

**** Fixed
- Fix TLS client code on macOS

**** Other
- Update to latest goimports formatting

** v1.4.0

**** Added
- Link and Unlink RPCs

** v1.3.0

*** Other
- Remove unused bridge_exceptions method
- Clean up process documentation
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