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Amend cluster and auto devops troubleshooting docs

Update these sections to reflect Kubernetes resources
now being created as a build prerequisite. Remove section
about deploys not being triggered as it is no longer accurate.
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......@@ -1005,6 +1005,10 @@ planned for a subsequent release.
- Auto Test may fail because of a mismatch between testing frameworks. In this
case, you may need to customize your `.gitlab-ci.yml` with your test commands.
- Auto Deploy may fail if it is unable to create a Kubernetes namespace and
service account for your project. See the
[troubleshooting failed deployments](../../user/project/clusters/
section to debug why these resources were not created.
### Disable the banner instance wide
......@@ -556,26 +556,27 @@ NOTE: **NOTE:**
Prior to GitLab 11.5, `KUBE_TOKEN` was the Kubernetes token of the main
service account of the cluster integration.
### Troubleshooting missing `KUBECONFIG` or `KUBE_TOKEN`
### Troubleshooting failed deployment jobs
GitLab will create a new service account specifically for your CI builds. The
new service account is created when the cluster is added to the project.
Sometimes there may be errors that cause the service account creation to fail.
GitLab will create a namespace and service account specifically for your
deployment jobs. These resources are created just before the deployment
job starts. Sometimes there may be errors that cause their creation to fail.
In such instances, your build will not be passed the `KUBECONFIG` or
`KUBE_TOKEN` variables and, if you are using Auto DevOps, your Auto DevOps
pipelines will no longer trigger a `production` deploy build. You will need to
check the [logs](../../../administration/ to debug why the service
account creation failed.
In such instances, your job will fail with the message:
```The job failed to complete prerequisite tasks```
You will need to check the [logs](../../../administration/ to debug
why the namespace and service account creation failed.
A common reason for failure is that the token you gave GitLab did not have
privileges as GitLab expects.
Another common problem for why these variables are not being passed to your
builds is that they must have a matching
Another common problem is caused by a missing `KUBECONFIG` or `KUBE_TOKEN`.
To be passed to your job, it must have a matching
[`environment:name`](../../../ci/ If
your build has no `environment:name` set, it will not be passed the Kubernetes
your job has no `environment:name` set, it will not be passed the Kubernetes
## Monitoring your Kubernetes cluster **[ULTIMATE]**
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