Commit 08c0a1b8 authored by Bob Van Landuyt's avatar Bob Van Landuyt
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Reject ruby interpolation in externalized strings

When using ruby interpolation in externalized strings, they can't be
detected. Which means they will never be presented to be translated.

To mix variables into translations we need to use `sprintf`

Instead of:

    _("Hello #{subject}")


    _("Hello %{subject}) % { subject: 'world' }
parent 842377ab
......@@ -70,14 +70,15 @@ linters:
enabled: false
enabled: false
enabled: true
# These cops are incredibly noisy when it comes to HAML templates, so we
# ignore them.
- Lint/BlockAlignment
- Lint/EndAlignment
- Layout/BlockAlignment
- Layout/EndAlignment
- Lint/Void
- Metrics/LineLength
- Naming/FileName
- Style/AlignParameters
- Style/BlockNesting
- Style/ElseAlignment
......@@ -91,6 +92,52 @@ linters:
- Style/TrailingWhitespace
- Style/WhileUntilModifier
# These cops should eventually get enabled
- Cop/LineBreakAfterGuardClauses
- Cop/LineBreakAroundConditionalBlock
- Cop/ProjectPathHelper
- GitlabSecurity/PublicSend
- Layout/LeadingCommentSpace
- Layout/SpaceAfterColon
- Layout/SpaceAfterComma
- Layout/SpaceAroundOperators
- Layout/SpaceBeforeBlockBraces
- Layout/SpaceBeforeComma
- Layout/SpaceBeforeFirstArg
- Layout/SpaceInsideArrayLiteralBrackets
- Layout/SpaceInsideHashLiteralBraces
- Layout/SpaceInsideStringInterpolation
- Layout/TrailingBlankLines
- Lint/BooleanSymbol
- Lint/LiteralInInterpolation
- Lint/ParenthesesAsGroupedExpression
- Lint/RedundantWithIndex
- Lint/Syntax
- Lint/UselessAssignment
- Metrics/BlockNesting
- Naming/VariableName
- Performance/RedundantMatch
- Performance/StringReplacement
- Rails/Presence
- Rails/RequestReferer
- Style/AndOr
- Style/ColonMethodCall
- Style/ConditionalAssignment
- Style/HashSyntax
- Style/IdenticalConditionalBranches
- Style/NegatedIf
- Style/NestedTernaryOperator
- Style/Not
- Style/ParenthesesAroundCondition
- Style/RedundantParentheses
- Style/SelfAssignment
- Style/Semicolon
- Style/TernaryParentheses
- Style/TrailingCommaInHashLiteral
- Style/UnlessElse
- Style/WordArray
- Style/ZeroLengthPredicate
enabled: true
- link = link_to _("Install GitLab Runner"), '', target: '_blank'
%h4= _("Setup a #{type} Runner manually")
%h4= _("Setup a %{type} Runner manually") % { type: type }
......@@ -19,9 +19,16 @@
= text_field_tag :issuable_email, email, class: "monospace js-select-on-focus form-control", readonly: true
= clipboard_button(target: '#issuable_email', class: 'btn btn-clipboard input-group-text btn-transparent d-none d-sm-block')
- if issuable_type == 'issue'
- enter_title_text = _('Enter the issue title')
- enter_description_text = _('Enter the issue description')
- else
- enter_title_text = _('Enter the merge request title')
- enter_description_text = _('Enter the merge request description')
= mail_to email, class: 'btn btn-clipboard btn-transparent',
subject: _("Enter the #{name} title"),
body: _("Enter the #{name} description"),
subject: enter_title_text,
body: enter_description_text,
title: _('Send email'),
data: { toggle: 'tooltip', placement: 'bottom' } do
= sprite_icon('mail')
......@@ -4,7 +4,9 @@
= _('The repository must be accessible over <code>http://</code>,
<code>https://</code>, <code>ssh://</code> and <code>git://</code>.').html_safe
%li= _('Include the username in the URL if required: <code></code>.').html_safe
%li= _("The update action will time out after #{import_will_timeout_message(Gitlab.config.gitlab_shell.git_timeout)} minutes. For big repositories, use a clone/push combination.")
- minutes = Gitlab.config.gitlab_shell.git_timeout / 60
= _("The update action will time out after %{number_of_minutes} minutes. For big repositories, use a clone/push combination.") % { number_of_minutes: minutes }
%li= _('The Git LFS objects will <strong>not</strong> be synced.').html_safe
= _('This user will be the author of all events in the activity feed that are the result of an update,
......@@ -2391,6 +2391,18 @@ msgstr ""
msgid "Enter in your Bitbucket Server URL and personal access token below"
msgstr ""
msgid "Enter the issue description"
msgstr ""
msgid "Enter the issue title"
msgstr ""
msgid "Enter the merge request description"
msgstr ""
msgid "Enter the merge request title"
msgstr ""
msgid "Environments"
msgstr ""
......@@ -5050,6 +5062,9 @@ msgstr ""
msgid "Settings"
msgstr ""
msgid "Setup a %{type} Runner manually"
msgstr ""
msgid "Setup a specific Runner automatically"
msgstr ""
......@@ -5552,6 +5567,9 @@ msgstr ""
msgid "The time taken by each data entry gathered by that stage."
msgstr ""
msgid "The update action will time out after %{number_of_minutes} minutes. For big repositories, use a clone/push combination."
msgstr ""
msgid "The user map is a JSON document mapping the Google Code users that participated on your projects to the way their email addresses and usernames will be imported into GitLab. You can change this by changing the value on the right hand side of <code>:</code>. Be sure to preserve the surrounding double quotes, other punctuation and the email address or username on the left hand side."
msgstr ""
......@@ -48,6 +48,8 @@ class LineBreakAroundConditionalBlock < RuboCop::Cop::Cop
MSG = 'Add a line break around conditional blocks'
def on_if(node)
# This cop causes errors in haml files, so let's skip those
return if in_haml?(node)
return if node.single_line?
return unless node.if? || node.unless?
......@@ -116,6 +118,10 @@ def block_start?(line)
def end_line?(line)
line =~ /^\s*(end|})/
def in_haml?(node)'.haml.rb')
# frozen_string_literal: true
module RuboCop
module Cop
class RubyInterpolationInTranslation < RuboCop::Cop::Cop
MSG = "Don't use ruby interpolation \#{} inside translated strings, instead use \%{}"
TRANSLATION_METHODS = ':_ :s_ :N_ :n_'
def_node_matcher :translation_method?, <<~PATTERN
(send nil? {#{TRANSLATION_METHODS}} $dstr ...)
def_node_matcher :plural_translation_method?, <<~PATTERN
(send nil? :n_ str $dstr ...)
def on_send(node)
interpolation = translation_method?(node) || plural_translation_method?(node)
return unless interpolation
interpolation.descendants.each do |possible_violation|
add_offense(possible_violation, message: MSG) if possible_violation.type != :str
......@@ -28,3 +28,4 @@
require_relative 'cop/rspec/factories_in_migration_specs'
require_relative 'cop/sidekiq_options_queue'
require_relative 'cop/destroy_all'
require_relative 'cop/ruby_interpolation_in_translation'
# frozen_string_literal: true
require 'spec_helper'
require 'rubocop'
require 'rubocop/rspec/support'
require_relative '../../../rubocop/cop/ruby_interpolation_in_translation'
# Disabling interpolation check as we deliberately want to have #{} in strings.
# rubocop:disable Lint/InterpolationCheck
describe RuboCop::Cop::RubyInterpolationInTranslation do
subject(:cop) { }
it 'does not add an offence for a regular messages' do
inspect_source('_("Hello world")')
expect(cop.offenses).to be_empty
it 'adds the correct offence when using interpolation in a string' do
inspect_source('_("Hello #{world}")')
offense = cop.offenses.first
expect(offense.location.source).to eq('#{world}')
expect(offense.message).to eq('Don\'t use ruby interpolation #{} inside translated strings, instead use %{}')
it 'detects when using a ruby interpolation in the first argument of a pluralized string' do
inspect_source('n_("Hello #{world}", "Hello world")')
expect(cop.offenses).not_to be_empty
it 'detects when using a ruby interpolation in the second argument of a pluralized string' do
inspect_source('n_("Hello world", "Hello #{world}")')
expect(cop.offenses).not_to be_empty
it 'detects when using interpolation in a namespaced translation' do
expect(cop.offenses).not_to be_empty
it 'does not add an offence for messages defined over multiple lines' do
source = <<~SRC
_("Hello "\
"world ")
expect(cop.offenses).to be_empty
it 'adds an offence for violations in a message defined over multiple lines' do
source = <<~SRC
_("Hello "\
"\#{world} ")
expect(cop.offenses).not_to be_empty
# rubocop:enable Lint/InterpolationCheck
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