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Merge branch 'fix_markdown_image_link' into 'master'

Add a new image in the markdown help page

Previously we were linking directly from the public/
directory. While this worked for the GitLab help page,
it was not working for Adding an image
in a relative directory and linking from there serves
both ends.

Fixes #13233

See merge request !2790
parents 95d16e75 db868e4b
......@@ -424,24 +424,24 @@ will point the link to `wikis/style` when the link is inside of a wiki markdown
Here's our logo (hover to see the title text):
![alt text](assets/logo.svg)
![alt text](img/logo.png)
![alt text1][logo]
[logo]: assets/logo.svg
[logo]: img/logo.png
Here's our logo:
![alt text](/assets/logo.svg)
![alt text](img/logo.png)
![alt text][logo]
[logo]: /assets/logo.svg
[logo]: img/logo.png
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