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Groundwork for merging CI into CE

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v7.14.0 (unreleased)
- Truncate commit messages after subject line in table
- Adjust CI config to support Docker executors
- Added Application Settings
- Randomize test database for CI tests
- Make YAML validation stricter
- Use avatars received from GitLab
- Refactor GitLab API usage to use either access_token or private_token depending on what was specified during login
- Allow to use access_token for API requests
- Fix project API listing returning empty list when first projects are not added to CI
- Allow to define variables from YAML
- Added support for CI skipped status
- Fix broken yaml error saving
- Add committed_at to commits to properly order last commit (the force push issue)
- Rename type(s) to stage(s)
- Fix navigation icons
- Add missing stage when doing retry
- Require variable keys to be not-empty and unique
- Fix variable saving issue
- Display variable saving errors in variables page not the project's
- Added Build Triggers API
- Fix: user could steal specific runner
- Fix: don't send notifications for jobs with allow_failure set
- Fix invalid link to
- Fix inline edit runner-description
- Allow to specify image and services in yml that can be used with docker
- Fix: No runner notification can see managers only
- Fix service testing for slack
- Ability to cancel all builds in commit at once
- Disable colors in rake tasks automatically (if IO is not a TTY)
- Implemented "rake env:info". Rake task to receive system information
- Fix coverage calculation on commit page
- Enhance YAML validation
- Redirect back after authorization
- Change favicon
- Refactoring: Get rid of private_token usage in the frontend.
- Allow to specify allow_failure for job
- Build traces is stored in the file instead of database
- Make the builds path configurable
- Disable link to runner if it's not assigned to specific project
- Store all secrets in config/secrets.yml
- Encrypt variables
- Allow to specify flexible list of types in yaml
- Revert: Runner without tag should pick builds without tag only
- Runner without tag should pick builds without tag only
- Explicit error in the GitLab when commit not found.
- Fix: lint with relative subpath
- Update webhook example
- Improved Lint stability
- Add warning when .gitlab-ci.yml not found
- Improved validation for .gitlab-ci.yml
- Fix list of branches in only section
- Fix "Status Badge" button
- Endless scroll on the dashboard
- Add notification if there are no runners
- Fix pagination on dashboard
- Remove ID column from runners list in the admin area
- Increase default timeout for builds to 60 minutes
- Using .gitlab-ci.yml file instead of jobs
- Link to the runner from the build page for admin user
- Ability to set secret variables for runner
- Dont retry build when push same commit in same ref twice
- Admin area: show amount of runners with last contact less than a minute ago
- Fix re-adding project with the same name but different gitlab_id
- Implementation of Lint (.gitlab-ci.yml validation tool)
- Updated rails to 4.1.11
- API fix: project create call
- Link to web-editor with .gitlab-ci.yml
- Updated examples in the documentation
- Deploy Jobs API calls
- Projects search on dashboard page
- Improved runners page
- Running and Pending tabs on admin builds page
- Fix [ci skip] tag, so you can skip CI triggering now
- Add HipChat notifications
- Clean up project advanced settings.
- Add a GitLab project path parameter to the project API
- Remove projects IDs from dashboard
- UI fix: Remove page headers from the admin area
- Improve Email templates
- Add backup/restore utility
- Coordinator stores information(version, platform, revision, etc.) about runners.
- Fixed pagination on dashboard
- Public accessible build and commit pages of public projects
- Fix vulnerability in the API when MySQL is used
- Fix failing migration when update to 7.10 from 7.8 and older versions
- added sidekiq.yml
- integrated in script/background_jobs
- Projects sorting by last commit date
- Add project search at runner page
- Fix GitLab and CI projects collision
- Events for admin
- Events per projects
- Search for runners in admin area
- UI improvements: created separated admin section, removed useless project show page
- Runners sorting in admin area (by id)
- Remove protected_attributes gem
- Skip commit creation if there is no appropriate job
- Contains no changes
- Developers can cancel and retry jobs
- [Security] Already existing projects should not be served by shared runners
- Ability to run deploy job without test jobs (every push will trigger deploy job)
- [Security] Adding explicit is_shared parameter to runner
- [Security] By default new projects are not served by shared runners
- Reset user session if token is invalid
- Runner delete api endpoint
- Fix bug about showing edit button on commit page if user does not have permissions
- Allow to pass description and tag list during Runner's registration
- Added api for project jobs
- Implementation of deploy jobs after all parallel jobs(tests).
- Add scroll up/down buttons for better mobile experience with large build traces
- Add runner last contact (Kamil Trzciński)
- Allow to pause runners - when paused runner will not receive any new build (Kamil Trzciński)
- Add brakeman (security scanner for Ruby on Rails)
- Changed a color of the canceled builds
- Fix of show the same commits in different branches
- Fix the broken build failed email
- Notify only pusher instead of commiter
- Fix OAuth login with GitLab installed in relative URL
- GitLab CI has same version as GitLab since now
- Allow to pass description and tag list during Runner's registration (Kamil Trzciński)
- Update documentation (API, Install, Update)
- Skip refs field supports for wildcard branch name (ex. feature/*)
- Migrate E-mail notification to Services menu (Kamil Trzciński)
- Added Slack notifications (Kamil Trzciński)
- Disable turbolink on links pointing out to GitLab server
- Add test coverage parsing example for pytest-cov
- Upgrade raindrops gem
- Fix exposure of project token via build data
- Fix 500 if on builds page if build has no job
- Truncate project token from build trace
- Allow users with access to project see build trace
v5.4.0 (Requires GitLab 7.7)
- Fixed 500 error for badge if build is pending
- Non-admin users can now register specific runners for their projects
- Project specific runners page which users can access
- Remove progress output from schedule_builds cron job
- Fix schedule_builds rake task
- Fix test webhook button
- Job can be branch specific or tag specific or both
- Shared runners builds projects which are not assigned to specific ones
- Job can be runner specific through tags
- Runner have tags
- Move job settings to separate page
- Add authorization level managing projects
- OAuth authentication via GitLab.
- Remove annoying 'Done' message from schedule_builds cron job
- Fix a style issue with the navbar
- Skip CSRF check on the project's build page
- Fix showing wrong build script on admin projects page
- Add branch and commit message to build result emails
- Improve performance by adding new indicies
- Separate Commit logic from Build logic in prep for Parallel Builds
- Parallel builds
- You can have multiple build scripts per project
- Registration token and runner token are named differently
- Redirect to previous page after sign-in
- Dont show archived projects
- Add support for skip branches from build
- Add coverage parsing feature
- Update rails to 4.0.10
- Look for a REVISION file before running `git log`
- All builds page for admin
- Update rails to 4.0.5
- Set build timeout in minutes
- Web Hooks for builds
- Nprogress bar
- Remove extra spaces in build script
- Requires runner v5
* All script commands executed as one file
* Cancel button works correctly now
* Runner stability increased
* Timeout applies to build now instead of line of script
- Refactor build js
- Redirect to build page with sha + bid if build id is not provided
- Update rails to 4.0.3
- Restyle project settings page
- Improve help page
- Replaced puma with unicorn
- Improved init.d script
- Add submodule init to default build script for new projects
- Build duration chart
- Bootstrap 3 with responsive UI
- Improved init.d script
- Refactoring
- Changed http codes for POST /projects/:id/build action
- Turbolinks
- Rails 4
- Click on build branch to see other builds for this branch
- Email notifications (Jeroen Knoops)
- Shared runners (no need to add runner to every project)
- Admin area (only available for GitLab admins)
- Hide all runners management into admin area
- Use http cloning for builds instead of deploy keys
- Allow choose between git clone and git fetch when get code for build
- Make build timeout actually works
- Requires GitLab 6.3 or higher
- GitLab CI settings go to GitLab project via api on creation
- Limit visibility of projects by gitlab authorized projects
- Use one page for both gitlab and gitlab-ci projects
- Login with both username, email or LDAP credentials (if GitLab 6.0+)
- Retry build button functionality
- UI fixes for resolution 1366px and lower
- Fix gravatar ssl warning
- Build running functionality extracted in gitlab-ci-runner
- Added API for runners and builds
- Redesigned application
- Added charts
- Use GitLab auth
- Add projects via UI with few clicks
- replaced unicorn with puma
- replaced grit with rugged
- Runner.rb more transactional safe now
- updated rails to 3.2.13
- updated devise to 2.2
- fixed issue when build left in running status if exception triggered
- rescue build timeout correctly
- badge helper with markdown & html
- increased test coverage to 85%
- Removed horizontal scroll for build trace
- new status badges
- better encode
- added several CI_* env variables
- Replace resque with sidekiq
- Run only one build at time per project
- Added whenever for schedule jobs
- Added Github web hook support
- Added build schedule
- Added JSON response for builds status
- Compatible with GitLab v4.0.0
\ No newline at end of file
source ""
gem 'rails', '4.1.11'
def darwin_only(require_as)
RUBY_PLATFORM.include?('darwin') && require_as
def linux_only(require_as)
RUBY_PLATFORM.include?('linux') && require_as
gem 'rails', '4.1.12'
# Specify a sprockets version due to security issue
# See!topic/rubyonrails-security/doAVp0YaTqY
......@@ -10,28 +18,28 @@ gem 'sprockets', '~> 2.12.3'
gem "default_value_for", "~> 3.0.0"
# Supported DBs
gem "mysql2", group: :mysql
gem "pg", group: :postgres
gem "mysql2", '~> 0.3.16', group: :mysql
gem "pg", '~> 0.18.2', group: :postgres
# Authentication libraries
gem "devise", '3.2.4'
gem "devise-async", '0.9.0'
gem "devise", '~> 3.2.4'
gem "devise-async", '~> 0.9.0'
gem 'omniauth', "~> 1.2.2"
gem 'omniauth-google-oauth2'
gem 'omniauth-twitter'
gem 'omniauth-github'
gem 'omniauth-shibboleth'
gem 'omniauth-kerberos', group: :kerberos
gem 'omniauth-gitlab'
gem 'omniauth-bitbucket'
gem 'omniauth-google-oauth2', '~> 0.2.5'
gem 'omniauth-twitter', '~> 1.0.1'
gem 'omniauth-github', '~> 1.1.1'
gem 'omniauth-shibboleth', '~> 1.1.1'
gem 'omniauth-kerberos', '~> 0.2.0', group: :kerberos
gem 'omniauth-gitlab', '~> 1.0.0'
gem 'omniauth-bitbucket', '~> 0.0.2'
gem 'omniauth-saml', '~> 1.4.0'
gem 'doorkeeper', '2.1.3'
gem 'doorkeeper', '~> 2.1.3'
gem "rack-oauth2", "~> 1.0.5"
# Two-factor authentication
gem 'devise-two-factor'
gem 'rqrcode-rails3'
gem 'attr_encrypted', '1.3.4'
gem 'devise-two-factor', '~> 1.0.1'
gem 'rqrcode-rails3', '~> 0.1.7'
gem 'attr_encrypted', '~> 1.3.4'
# Browser detection
gem "browser", '~> 0.8.0'
......@@ -48,7 +56,7 @@ gem 'gitlab-grack', '~> 2.0.2', require: 'grack'
# LDAP Auth
# GitLab fork with several improvements to original library. For full list of changes
# see
gem 'gitlab_omniauth-ldap', '1.2.1', require: "omniauth-ldap"
gem 'gitlab_omniauth-ldap', '~> 1.2.1', require: "omniauth-ldap"
# Git Wiki
gem 'gollum-lib', '~> 4.0.2'
......@@ -63,47 +71,47 @@ gem "gitlab-linguist", "~> 3.0.1", require: "linguist"
gem "grape", "~> 0.6.1"
gem "grape-entity", "~> 0.4.2"
gem 'rack-cors', require: 'rack/cors'
gem 'rack-cors', '~> 0.2.9', require: 'rack/cors'
# Format dates and times
# based on human-friendly examples
gem "stamp"
gem "stamp", '~> 0.5.0'
# Enumeration fields
gem 'enumerize'
gem 'enumerize', '~> 0.7.0'
# Pagination
gem "kaminari", "~> 0.15.1"
gem "haml-rails"
gem "haml-rails", '~> 0.5.3'
# Files attachments
gem "carrierwave"
gem "carrierwave", '~> 0.9.0'
# Drag and Drop UI
gem 'dropzonejs-rails'
gem 'dropzonejs-rails', '~> 0.7.1'
# for aws storage
gem "fog", "~> 1.25.0"
gem "unf"
gem "unf", '~> 0.1.4'
# Authorization
gem "six"
gem "six", '~> 0.2.0'
# Seed data
gem "seed-fu"
gem "seed-fu", '~> 2.3.5'
# Markdown and HTML processing
gem 'html-pipeline', '~> 1.11.0'
gem 'task_list', '1.0.2', require: 'task_list/railtie'
gem 'github-markup'
gem 'task_list', '~> 1.0.2', require: 'task_list/railtie'