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    Add support for SSH certificate authentication · e00a7fab
    Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason authored
    Why and how to enable this is covered in the docs being changed
    here. This requires gitlab-org/gitlab-shell@2e8b670 ("Add support for
    SSH certificate authentication", 2018-06-14) which has been merged in
    and tagged as 8.0.0, so GITLAB_SHELL_VERSION needs to be bumped.
    Merging this closes gitlab-org/gitlab-ce#34572 see
    gitlab-org/gitlab-shell!207 for the gitlab-shell MR.
    Implementation notes:
     - The APIs being changed here are all internal, and their sole
       consumer is gitlab-shell.
     - Most of the changed code is a MR to gitlab-shell, see the
       gitlab-org/gitlab-shell!207 MR. That change covers why only some of
       the internal methods get a new "username" parameter, and why some
       others only get a "user_id".