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    Merge branch 'you-get-a-title-and-you-get-a-title-and-everyone-gets-a-title' into 'master' · cfbff017
    Dmitriy Zaporozhets authored
    Add a page title to every page.
    ![You get a title, and you get a title; everyone gets a title!](https://i.imgflip.com/kvmq8.jpg)
    The `page_title` helper pushes the provided string at the end of the title, but because of the order that layouts are rendered in by ActionView, the result is always this:
    <title from view> |
    <title from as specified in the controller or by its layout> |
    <title from layouts/_head>
    For example: `Merge Requests | GitLab.org / Gitlab Community Edition | GitLab`.
    All a developer needs to know is to put a `page_title` call describing the page in question at the start of every template.
    To get everything where I wanted it to go without too much duplication, I had to make some changes around layouts, sidebars and controllers.
    See merge request !593
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