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    Merge branch 'fix-merge-request-assignee-list' into 'master' · c4e48d27
    Douwe Maan authored
    Use the user list from the target project in a merge request
    ### What does this MR do?
    This MR derives the assignable users from the target project.
    ### Why was this MR needed?
    In a merge request, the assignable users uses the list from the forked project, not the target project where the merge request will be going. For example, if I fork a project from the gitlab-org namespace into my personal namespace, make some changes, and then create a merge request, the only users I see are me. I think it makes more sense to show all the users in gitlab-org. This is a regression caused by 1c2711f7.
    ### What are the relevant issue numbers?
    Closes #1535
    See merge request !682
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