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    Fix conflict resolution from corrupted upstream · ad2bfeb8
    Sean McGivern authored
    I don't know why this happens exactly, but given an upstream and fork repository
    from a customer, both of which required GC, resolving conflicts would corrupt
    the fork so badly that it couldn't be cloned.
    This isn't a perfect fix for that case, because the MR may still need to be
    merged manually, but it does ensure that the repository is at least usable.
    My best guess is that when we generate the index for the conflict
    resolution (which we previously did in the target project), we obtain a
    reference to an OID that doesn't exist in the source, even though we already
    fetch the refs from the target into the source.
    Explicitly setting the source project as the place to get the merge index from
    seems to prevent repository corruption in this way.
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