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    Added '/api/v3/projects/:id/merge_requests/:merge_request_id/closes_issues' route in the API · 78e36780
    Gal Schlezinger authored
    Added some documentation for it
    Added to changelog
    Added curl example and an attribute table
    Moved the api route definition from "lib/api/issues.rb" to "lib/api/merge_requests.rb"
    Fixed the attributes and changed the documentation to be at "merge_requests.md" too
    Changed generic titles to more specific titles
    added an underscore
    added tests. it depends on a newer version of gitlab-test project
    I'm doing a  since I need to add a branch to the `gitlab-test` repo
    removed the before
    using 'iid' instead of 'id' in the description to reference the issues. that makes the tests pass
    Removed the 'closes-issues' key from test_env. so it should pass the tests
    Moved the two initializations to the describe block
    Changed the changelog
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