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    Merge branch 'master' into ci/api-triggers · 768721dc
    Tomasz Maczukin authored
    * master: (150 commits)
      fixes margin and padding
      Update mailroom/postfix documentation [ci skip]
      Fix css mess around git clone panel. Align it properly
      Fix missing padding for user/group pages
      Fix parse_gollum_tags matcher
      Update documentation on Banzai::Filter::GollumTagsFilter
      Add tests for the wiki pipeline
      Refactoring Banzai::Filter::GollumTagsFilter
      Make sure the .git is at the end on Gitlab::GithubImport::WikiFormatter
      Remove GollumTagsPipeline
      Refactoring Gitlab::GithubImport::Importer
      Remove unnecessary brackets on WIKI_SLUG_ID route constraints
      Move js function to removing accents to vendor/assets/javascripts
      Update CHANGELOG
      Use the WikiPipeline when rendering the wiki markdown content
      Add Banzai::Filter::GollumTagsFilter for parsing Gollum's tags in HTML
      Relax constraints for wiki slug
      Import GitHub wiki into GitLab
      Move Ci::Build#available_statuses to AVAILABLE_STATUSES constant in CommitStatus
      Revert changes to how the notes are paginated in the API
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