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    Add Saturday to first day of the week · cf4bbd4f
    haghighi_ahmad authored
    fix #58023
    docs for adding Saturday for first day of the week
    add related settings for Saturday as first day of the week
    firstDayOfWeek: Use enumeration, replace day's numbers with corresponding names
    make some variables lowercase (follow camelCase)
    add CHANGELOG entry
    Author:    haghighi_ahmad <haghighi.ahmad@gmail.com>
    modified:   app/assets/javascripts/pages/users/activity_calendar.js
    modified:   app/helpers/preferences_helper.rb
    new file:   changelogs/unreleased/58023-add-Saturday-to-localization-first-day-of-the-week.yml
    modified:   doc/api/settings.md
    modified:   doc/user/profile/preferences.md
    modified:   locale/gitlab.pot
    modified:   spec/helpers/preferences_helper_spec.rb
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