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    Merge branch 'jej-fix-missing-access-check-on-issues' into 'security' · 6d37fe95
    Douwe Maan authored
    Fix missing access checks on issue lookup using IssuableFinder
    Split from !2024 to partially solve https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-ce/issues/23867
     - Potentially untested
    💣 - No test coverage
    🚥 - Test coverage of some sort exists (a test failed when error raised)
    🚦 - Test coverage of return value (a test failed when nil used)
     - Permissions check tested
    - [x]  app/controllers/projects/branches_controller.rb:39
      - `before_action :authorize_push_code!` helpes limit/prevent exploitation. Always checks for reporter access so fine with
        confidential issues, issues only visible to team, etc.
    - [x] 🚥 app/models/cycle_analytics/summary.rb:9 [`.count`]
    - [x]  app/controllers/projects/todos_controller.rb:19
    - [x] Potential double render in app/controllers/projects/todos_controller.rb
    - https://dev.gitlab.org/gitlab/...
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