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    Conditionally initialize the global opentracing tracer · 57a8859a
    Andrew Newdigate authored
    This change will instantiate an OpenTracing tracer and configure it
    as the global tracer when the GITLAB_TRACING environment variable is
    configured. GITLAB_TRACING takes a "connection string"-like value,
    encapsulating the driver (eg jaeger, etc) and options for the driver.
    Since each service, whether it's written in Ruby or Golang, uses the
    same connection-string, it should be very easy to configure all
    services in a cluster, or even a single development machine to be
    setup to use tracing.
    Note that this change does not include instrumentation or propagation
    changes as this is a way of breaking a previous larger change into
    components. The instrumentation and propagation changes will follow
    in separate changes.
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