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    Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into qa-deploy-key-scenario · ada39be6
    Lin Jen-Shin authored
    * upstream/master: (106 commits)
      Remove callback as we already update accordingly on services
      added missing imports
      correctly imports performance bar
      Added imports for dispatcher routes
      Make the exposing of the Application secret more explicit
      Add documentation about when the application API was added
      Add application create API
      Return a blank JSON response for a missing .js file to prevent Rails CSRF errors
      add CHANGELOG.md entry for !15804
      disable CopyAsGFM on iOS due to bug in webkit
      Update changelog
      GitalyClient::ConflictsService#conflicts? should return true for conflicts with missing side
      Return more consistent values for merge_status on MR API
      Fix a migration spec messing up the MergeRequestDiff DB schema
      Backport changes to Gitlab::Checks::ChangeAccess from EE
      remove webpack bundle tag for monitoring:environments:metrics
      Set timezone for karma to UTC
      Upgrade jasmine + raven to newer versions
      Ensure Gitaly Ruby gems are installed using the correct Gemfile and at the correct location
      Clarify that a feature that isn't in review by the 1st or 3rd doesn't necessarily miss the freeze
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