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    Extended Web IDE API to get MRs for a certain branch in a project · a1b0b3e4
    Denys Mishunov authored
     New `Api.projectMergeRequests` allows:
     - to query for all MRs on a project without specifying `mergeRequestId`
     - to filter the returned MRs using parameters from
     The new API request is used for fetching information about MRs
     associated with a particular branch in Web IDE to have IdeSidebar
     behave consistently in both scenarios:
     - getting to a branch from and MR (where we already have info about
     relevant MR), or
     - getting to a branch somehow differently directly
    For cases where there are several merge requests that the current branch
    is associated with, mark the most recent one as 'current'
    Closes https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-ce/issues/49663
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