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    Build cloud native images on tags · 0bc78d08
    DJ Mountney authored
    When on a tag, trigger a multi-project pipeline in the CNG repostiory.
    Opting for a trigger rather than an addition to our release-tools
    project for a few reasons:
    - The Dockerfiles in the CNG image repo change infrequently, and as a result
    I don't feel the need/overhead for stable branches in that repo at this time
    - My intent with the CNG repo, is that once stable, the Dockerfiles
    would actualy move to their component projects, to be versioned with the
    code they are building
    - It is likely that we will want to followup with a manually triggered package
    for branches for devs, and possibly review apps, so it made sense to
    build the CNG ci jobs to accept this sort of pipeline.
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