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# How to create a project in GitLab

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- For a list of words that are not allowed to be used as project names see the
  [reserved names][reserved].

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1. In your dashboard, click the green **New project** button or use the plus
   icon in the upper right corner of the navigation bar.

    ![Create a project](img/create_new_project_button.png)

1. This opens the **New project** page.

    ![Project information](img/create_new_project_info.png)

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1. Choose if you want start a blank project, or with one of the predefined
   [Project Templates](
   this will kickstart your repository code and CI automatically.
   Otherwise, if you have a project in a different repository, you can [import it] by
   clicking on the **Import project** tab, provided this is enabled in
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   your GitLab instance. Ask your administrator if not.

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1. Provide the following information:
    - Enter the name of your project in the **Project name** field. You can't use
      special characters, but you can use spaces, hyphens, underscores or even
    - The **Project description (optional)** field enables you to enter a
      description for your project's dashboard, which will help others
      understand what your project is about. Though it's not required, it's a good
      idea to fill this in.
    - Changing the **Visibility Level** modifies the project's
      [viewing and access rights](../public_access/ for users.

1. Click **Create project**.

[import it]: ../workflow/importing/
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[reserved]:  ../user/