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# Backend Maintainers are the default for all ruby files
2 3
*.rb @ayufan @dbalexandre @DouweM @dzaporozhets @godfat @grzesiek @mkozono @nick.thomas @rspeicher @rymai @smcgivern
*.rake @ayufan @dbalexandre @DouweM @dzaporozhets @godfat @grzesiek @mkozono @nick.thomas @rspeicher @rymai @smcgivern
4 5 6 7 8

# Technical writing team are the default reviewers for everything in `doc/`
/doc/ @axil @marcia

# Frontend maintainers should see everything in `app/assets/`
9 10
app/assets/ @ClemMakesApps @fatihacet @filipa @iamphill @mikegreiling @timzallmann @kushalpandya
*.scss @annabeldunstone @ClemMakesApps @fatihacet @filipa @iamphill @mikegreiling @timzallmann @kushalpandya
11 12 13 14 15 16

# Someone from the database team should review changes in `db/`
db/ @abrandl @NikolayS

# Feature specific owners
/ee/lib/gitlab/code_owners/ @reprazent
17 18
/ee/lib/ee/gitlab/auth/ldap/ @dblessing @mkozono
/lib/gitlab/auth/ldap/ @dblessing @mkozono
19 20
/lib/gitlab/ci/templates/ @nolith @zj
/lib/gitlab/ci/templates/Auto-DevOps.gitlab-ci.yml @DylanGriffith @mayra-cabrera @tkuah