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      Merge branch 'db-ektorp' into 'master' · 0ae62670
      Daniel Gerhardt authored
      Migration to Ektorp and refactoring of the database layer
      A summary of the changes:
      * CouchDB4J has been replaced by Ektorp.
      * CouchDBDao has been split up into multiple repositories: One for each
      * Jackson is used instead of JSON-lib for POJO <-> JSON
          * Jackson's `@JsonView`'s are used to mark which properties are
            (de)serialized for the API and/or CouchDB
          * A lot of persistence code could be simplified since serialization
            is handled automatically by the `ObjectMapper`.
      * Entities and related Classes have been renamed:
          * `Content` <- `Question` / `SkillQuestion` / `LecturerQuestion`
          * `Comment` <- `FeedbackQuestion` / `AudienceQuestion`
      * CouchDB design docs can now be automatically created by the backend if
        necessary. They are included as JavaScript code which is parsed and
        transformed to JSON at startup using Java's `ScriptEngine`.
      * `MediaType`s for API versioning have been introduced:
          * `vnd.de.thm.arsnova.v2+json`: the format as used in ARSnova 2.x
          * `vnd.de.thm.arsnova.v3+json`:
              * ISO 8601 dates instead of timestamps
              * `id` instead of `_id`, `revision` instead of `_rev`
      * `api.indent-response-body` can be set in configuration for pretty
        responses for API debugging.
      * Empty (e.g. `null`) entity properties are ignored for serialization
      See merge request !68
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      Remove broken statistics test for now · d54b3263
      Daniel Gerhardt authored