Commit d8360774 authored by Robin Drangmeister's avatar Robin Drangmeister Committed by Daniel Gerhardt

Fix NullPointerException in SessionService.getSessionInternal()

This fixes WebSocket communication for course sessions. (dg)

Refs GH-40.
parent 65ed8a49
......@@ -182,7 +182,7 @@ public class SessionService implements ISessionService, ApplicationEventPublishe
if (connectorClient != null && session.isCourseSession()) {
final String courseid = session.getCourseId();
if (!connectorClient.getMembership(userService.getCurrentUser().getUsername(), courseid).isMember()) {
if (!connectorClient.getMembership(user.getUsername(), courseid).isMember()) {
throw new ForbiddenException();
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