Commit dcc57026 authored by Kevin Linne's avatar Kevin Linne

Merge branch '110-remove-labels-on-bottom-of-table-view' into 'develop'

Resolve "Remove labels on bottom of table view"

Closes #110

See merge request !88
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table {
margin-top: -1pt;
margin-bottom: 50pt;
.fix-margin {
......@@ -165,13 +165,5 @@
<div class="pt-3 pl-3">
Fields displayed as <span class="badge badge-secondary">Object Tag</span> are objects, which were reduced to
be able to display.
<div class="pt-3 pl-3 mb-3">
Fields displayed as <span class="badge badge-info">List Tag</span> are lists, that display reduced objects.
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