Commit d924a4ea authored by Yannick Lehnhausen's avatar Yannick Lehnhausen

Merge branch '102-add-page-for-editing-possible-enum-types-contact-mime' of...

Merge branch '102-add-page-for-editing-possible-enum-types-contact-mime' of into 102-add-page-for-editing-possible-enum-types-contact-mime
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......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ import {ICustomEnum} from '../../interfaces/ICustomEnum';
export class ContactTypeModel implements IModel, ICustomEnum {
static possibleContactTypes: string[] = [
'tel', 'www', 'email', '...',
'tel', 'www', 'email', 'add contact type'
contactType: string;
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