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    Merge branch 'develop' into performance-tests · 54f72340
    Samuel Schepp authored
    * develop: (114 commits)
      enabled review apps
      removed labels of generic table view
      Update CONTRIBUTING.md
      Update README.md
      Change link
      fixed webapp-v3 deploy
      Fix npm integrity
      Use mocainfo infrastructure
      Fix lint error
      Let drawPois|Tags remove old ones
      Fix multiple rendering of tags and pois when using modal
      refactored map functions to meet lint requierments
      repplaced wifi icon a new wifi icon
      replaced old @1x marker with un downscaled version of the @2x marker
      added a user icon to username
      New tag icon
      Toggle tag visibility independantly
      Remove unused CSS
      Render tags in map view
      Show image preview larger and in separate row
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