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Commit d2c9ac01 authored by Michael Menzel's avatar Michael Menzel

Monitoring class

parent 02ac3846
package de.thm.monitoring;
import de.thm.command.BackendCommand;
import de.thm.command.Command;
import de.thm.exception.CovariatesException;
import de.thm.exception.NoTracksLeftException;
import de.thm.misc.Genome;
import de.thm.result.DataViewResult;
import de.thm.spring.backend.Sessions;
public class Monitor {
* Checks the connection to the backend server by sending a request
* @return false if connection is not present ; true if connections works
public static boolean isConnectionAlive() {
BackendCommand command = new BackendCommand.Builder(Command.Task.GET_TRACKS, Genome.Assembly.hg19).build();
try {
DataViewResult collector = (DataViewResult) Sessions.getInstance().getSession("monitorsession").getConnector().runAnalysis(command);
if (collector == null || collector.getPackages().size() < 1) {
return false;
} catch (SocketTimeoutException | CovariatesException | NoTracksLeftException e) {
return false;
return true;
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