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# Basic
The following guide is written for a Linux based system. Enhort runs on Java 8 and needs a SQlite database to store information about available tracks.
It is recommended to download and use the pre-build database.
For full usage it is recommended to have server with about 32 GB Mem for the current database. However, Enhort is capable of beeing run on a small PC or server with less annotation tracks.
Enhort is build to run on two different servers, a computation back-end server and a visibile front-end server. However, it is possible to run both on the same server. Use as ip then.
# Database
### Use pre-build database
Download the SQlite database and the corresponding .bed tracks from .... Save the database and the data files in a known directory.
### Build own database
# Server setup
Download the enhort.jar from ....
### Run the server
The server is run with the following command:
java -jar -Xmx32g -XX:StringTableSize=1000003 /path/to/server/jar/enhort.jar /path/to/data/directory/ /path/to/database.db
- The -Xmx32g flag raises the available memory to 32 GB, please specify your available memory here.
- The StringTableSize improves start up speed for loading the data
- Currently the port is fixed to 42412
# Frontend setup
Download the frontend archive containing the .jar and the contig sizes for hg19 and hg38.
The frontend is run with the following command:
java -Xmx2g -Dmultipart.maxFileSize=20MB -Dmultipart.maxRequestSize=20MB -jar frontend.jar /path/to/contig/size/files /path/to/logfile/enhort.log
- You can specify the maximum allowed upload file size
- You need to specify the address of the backend server. If both are run on the same server use
- The path to the contig sizes .bed file is needed
- A log file is written at the given location
# Misc
### Encryption
package de.thm.spring.backend;
public class Settings {
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