Fixed array index out of bounds error

Since array should contain (see: deleteCascading(final Session session)):
0 => content (aka question)
1 => answer
2 => comment
same index should be used for logging. Accessing index 1,2 and 3 will
cause an index out of bound error.
parent c171a64e
......@@ -190,9 +190,9 @@ public class SessionServiceImpl extends DefaultEntityServiceImpl<Session> implem"Deleted {} inactive guest sessions.", inactiveSessions.size());
dbLogger.log("cleanup", "type", "session",
"sessionCount", inactiveSessions.size(),
"questionCount", totalCount[1],
"answerCount", totalCount[2],
"commentCount", totalCount[3]);
"questionCount", totalCount[0],
"answerCount", totalCount[1],
"commentCount", totalCount[2]);
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