1. 17 Oct, 2012 3 commits
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      Use exceptions instead of checking for null to send correct http code · 6508a634
      Paul-Christian Volkmer authored
      If a session was not found in database this will result in http 404,
      if the session is not accessable for the current user the request will
      result in http 403.
      The old behavior was to check for null. This was the response if the
      session was not found or the current user could not access this session
      (not owner and inactive sessions). Both ended up with http 404 - not found.
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      Task #4027: User is able to request a question by its id · 1a847feb
      Paul-Christian Volkmer authored
      The URI to be used contains the session id the question is linked to. If
      the resulting question object did not match the given session id an error
      HTTP - NOT FOUND will be send. This will also be done if no question was
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      Bug #3926: Tomcat servlet container did not provide a class · d2b365da
      Paul-Christian Volkmer authored
      It seems that Jetty provides "com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.JsonNode"
      in any way but Tomcat does not.
      So we have to include the package containing this class in our Maven
      We seriously have to check if ARSnova runs on our main target platform,
      not only our private developer platform! My be our developer platform
      should be the main target platform?
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