Release version 2.6.0

* Experimental support for CouchDB 2 has been added. Note: The data
  migration script is not compatible with CouchDB 2 and has to be run
  before an upgrade.

* Error handling and logging has been improved. It should now be easier
  to find the cause of problems. API error responses now contain the
  name of the `Exception` which caused the error. Further details for
  debugging purposes can be enabled with the new
  `api.expose-exception-messages` setting (Do NOT enable in production
* Updated OAuth handling to restore compatibility with 3rd-party login

Bug fixes:
* Fixed multiple bugs caused by incorrect type handling in the database
* Fixed XFO header check behind reverse proxy (used by clients when
  embedding external websites).
* Fixed rounding error in learning progress calculation.
* Fixed `` setting.
* Fixed import of data from older versions.

* Fixed DoS vulnerability in authentication handling behind reverse

Configuration changes:
Minor changes to the web server and Tomcat proxy configuration are
required (see [installation guide](src/site/markdown/
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