Commit d5b09b03 authored by Curtis Adam's avatar Curtis Adam Committed by Tom Käsler

Fix "Thema auswählen" button

parent 83067916
import {Meteor} from "meteor/meteor";
export let CardsetNavigation = class CardsetNavigation {
* Creates a web push subscription for the current device.
......@@ -5,6 +5,7 @@ import {Session} from "meteor/session";
import {Cardsets} from "../../api/cardsets.js";
import {CardNavigation} from "../../api/cardNavigation";
import {BertAlertVisuals} from "../../api/bertAlertVisuals";
import {CardsetNavigation} from "../../api/cardsetNavigation";
import {Bonus} from "../../api/bonus";
import "../card/card.js";
import "../learn/learn.js";
......@@ -77,7 +78,7 @@ Template.cardset.rendered = function () {
'selectedForLearning': function () {
if (Session.get('selectingCardsetToLearn')) {
CardsetNavigation.addToLeitner(this._id);"addWozniakCards", this._id);
Session.set("selectingCardsetToLearn", false);
BertAlertVisuals.displayBertAlert(TAPi18n.__('cardset.alert.addedToWorkload'), 'success', 'growl-top-left');
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