Commit 50617274 authored by Klaus-Dieter Quibeldey-Cirkel's avatar Klaus-Dieter Quibeldey-Cirkel 🏀

some edits in newsletter

parent d439d9e9
......@@ -102,6 +102,7 @@ export class MailNotifier {
* @param {string} buttonColor - The rgb color of the button background
sendMail (name, mail, subject, text, bold, textEnd, cardsetId, titleColor, buttonColor) {
var faq = TAPi18n.__('contact.faq', null, Meteor.settings.mail.language);
var datenschutz = TAPi18n.__('contact.datenschutz', null, Meteor.settings.mail.language);
var agb = TAPi18n.__('contact.agb', null, Meteor.settings.mail.language);
var impressum = TAPi18n.__('contact.impressum', null, Meteor.settings.mail.language);
......@@ -124,6 +125,7 @@ export class MailNotifier {
url: Meteor.settings.public.rooturl,
titlecolor: titleColor,
btncol: buttonColor,
faq: faq,
datenschutz: datenschutz,
impressum: impressum,
agb: agb,
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