1. 01 May, 2017 1 commit
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      Add F-Droid build flavor (Closes #128) (#162) · d195e1ce
      Jochen Sprickerhof authored
      * Move getSafeNameForSensor to StardroidApplication
      It's only used there and allows use to make Analytics an interface
      * Cleanup build script
      - Add -e to error on build failures.
      - Use subshell instead of cd ..
      - Manually fix classpath because gradle has problems with flavors
      * Extract Analytics.java content into an interface
      * Add AbstractGooglePlayServicesChecker.java
      This adds an abstract class for the gms independent parts of
      * Add support-v4 compile dependency
      This is used in GooglePlayServicesChecker.java
      * Add AbstractDynamicStarMapModule.java
      This adds a base class for the gms independent parts of
      * Separate build flavors for gms and fdroid
      This adds two build flavors. One using gms (analytics and location) and
      one without for F-Droid. All classes using gms are moved to the flavor
      source path and a version without gms is added or the fdroid flavor.