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Play Store needs one.  This is just copied out of the one we ship with the app.
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# Privacy Policy
This App uses Google Analytics to help analyse how people use it.
Google Analytics collects standard internet log information and visitor behaviour information
in an anonymous form. Note that the data is anonymous - no personally identifiable information
is collected.
This anonymous information is transmitted to Google – not the Sky Map developers. Google Analytics then compiles
statistical reports that tell us things like the percentage of users that use certain features,
have particular versions of Android or have phones that have certain features (such as a gyroscope).
This is essential for us to discover which features
people like and dislike and when we can drop support for obsolete versions of Android
and thus make Sky Map better. We might share these reports with third parties.
We respect your privacy and do not collect your personal information - we cannot tell anything about
you as a user. If you do not
wish to share this anonymous data with Google Analytics you can opt out via the settings menu.
Otherwise, thank you for helping make Sky Map better. For more information on
Google Analytics see https://www.google.com/analytics/.
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