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......@@ -15,10 +15,10 @@ arsnova🍅cards uses Meteor as application framework. Download and install [Met
2. Make sure that you've added a [SSH key](
3. Clone the remote repository `git clone`
4. Install the npm package dependencies inside the local repository **"cards folder"** `meteor npm install`
5. Set your initial admin user in `settings.json` or `settings_debug.json` (cas account)
### Settings
Change `settings.json` or `settings_debug.json` according to your needs
### Settings (These steps are only required if you want to deploy 🍅cards on a server)
1. Set your initial admin user in `settings.json` (cas account)
2. Change `settings.json` according to your needs
> Warning: Never publish your settings file!
......@@ -46,13 +46,14 @@ A simple update to the latest Meteor version is not always possible. Please do n
## Starting the app
Use one of the following commands inside the repository (cards folder), to start arsnova🍅cards on localhost:
- For development:
- For development (Use this if you run a local installation):
- `meteor --settings settings_debug.json`
- Access the app from your host machine by visiting http://localhost:3000
- Use one of the Backdoor Logins
- For production:
- `meteor --settings settings.json`
You can then access the app from your host machine by visiting http://localhost:3000.
## Loading the Test Database
1. Make sure that you've installed the [MongoDB Community Tools](
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