Commit 1aa2dffe authored by Klaus-Dieter Quibeldey-Cirkel's avatar Klaus-Dieter Quibeldey-Cirkel 🏀

Update de.i18n.json

parent 356a035b
......@@ -1717,8 +1717,8 @@
"preview": "Vorschau: __current__ / __total__",
"leitner": "Noch eine Karte",
"leitner_plural": "Noch __count__ Karten",
"leitnerShort": "Noch eine Karte",
"leitnerShort_plural": "Noch __count__ Karten"
"leitnerShort": "1 Karte",
"leitnerShort_plural": "__count__ Karten"
"permission": "Kein Zugang",
"nocards": "Keine Karten vorhanden",
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