Commit 0f094c81 authored by Dominik Klinge's avatar Dominik Klinge Committed by Kevin Wieczorek

Add assets

parent f6cb53a8
......@@ -236,8 +236,10 @@ export let PomodoroTimer = class PomodoroTimer {
closeOnConfirm: false
function (isConfirm) {
/*you succeeded so you get the success sound and a success message. good for you! */
if (isConfirm) {
if (sound1)
title: "Great job!",
......@@ -45,12 +45,14 @@
<audio id="bell">
<source src="/audio/Schulgong.mp3" type="audio/mp3">
<audio id="failure" preload="auto">
<source src="" type="audio/mp3"/>
<source src="/audio/fail.mp3" type="audio/mp3"/>
<!-- <audio id="failure" preload="auto">
......@@ -58,7 +60,7 @@
</audio> -->
<audio id="success" preload="auto">
<source src="" type="audio/mp3"/>
<source src="/audio/success.mp3" type="audio/mp3"/>
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