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translate pomodoro text

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......@@ -35,43 +35,43 @@
"pomodoro": {
"name": "Pomodoro",
"name_plural": "Pomodoros",
"name_plural": "Pomodori",
"timer": {
"instructions": {
"activate": "Pomodoro Timer",
"activate": "",
"deactivate": ""
"form": {
"time": {
"hour": "hour",
"hour_plural": "__count__ hours",
"minute": "minute",
"minute_plural": "__count__ minutes",
"and": " and "
"hour": "1 Stunde",
"hour_plural": "__count__ Stunden",
"minute": "1 Minute",
"minute_plural": "__count__ Minuten",
"and": " und "
"sounds": {
"title": "Sounds",
"break": "Pause",
"success": "Lernzeit eingehalten",
"abort": "Lernzeit vorzeitig beendet"
"title": "Klänge",
"break": "Pausenton:",
"success": "Ton , wenn Lernzeit eingehalten:",
"abort": "Ton, wenn Lernzeit vorzeitig beendet:"
"link": "/learning#Pomodoro",
"tooltip": {
"link": "A 'Pomodoro' is a work / break cycle. Default: 25 mins work and 5 mins break. After 4 __pomodoro__: 15 mins break."
"link": "»Pomodoro« (italienisch für Tomate) ist ein Arbeits-Pausen-Zyklus. Standard: 25 Minuten Arbeit, 5 Minuten Pause. Nach 4 Pomodori: 15 Minuten Pause."
"user": {
"title": "Choose your goal!",
"count": "I want to do <span class=\"pomodoroHighlight\">__count__</span> <a href=\"__link__\" data-toggle=\"tooltip\" title=\"__tooltip__\" target=\"_blank\"> <b>__pomodoro__<i>🍅</i></b></a>!",
"totalTime": "Reserve the next __time__ for getting stuff done!",
"work": "Work for: <span class=\"pomodoroHighlight\">__minutes__</span> each pomodoro",
"break": "Relax for: <span class=\"pomodoroHighlight\">__minutes__</span> each pomodoro",
"title": "Wie lange willst du heute lernen?",
"count": "Ich will <span class=\"pomodoroHighlight\">__count__</span> <a href=\"__link__\" data-toggle=\"tooltip\" title=\"__tooltip__\" target=\"_blank\"> <b>__pomodoro__<i>🍅</i></b></a>schaffen!",
"totalTime": "Reserviere __time__ für den Lernstoff!",
"work": "Lernen: <span class=\"pomodoroHighlight\">__minutes__</span> pro Pomodoro",
"break": "Erholen: <span class=\"pomodoroHighlight\">__minutes__</span> pro Pomodoro",
"settings": {
"title": "How many minutes?"
"title": "Wie viele Minuten?"
"button": {
"start": "Let's go!",
"settings": "Settings"
"start": "Los geht's!",
"settings": "Einstellungen"
"bonus": {
......@@ -84,48 +84,48 @@
"sweetAlert": {
"user": {
"quit": {
"title": "Not so fast!",
"text": "You are still <span class=\"pomodoroHighlight\">__missingPomodoros__ __pomodoro__</span> short of your goal of <span class=\"pomodoroHighlight\"> __pomodoroGoal__ __pomodoro__</span>! <br><br>Come on, you can do <span class=\"pomodoroHighlight\">__remainingMinutes__ more minutes</span> of work!",
"title": "Gib nicht so schnell auf!",
"text": "Du hast noch <span class=\"pomodoroHighlight\">__missingPomodoros__ __pomodoro__</span> vor dir. <br>Dein gesetztes Ziel: <span class=\"pomodoroHighlight\"> __pomodoroGoal__ __pomodoro__</span>! <br><br>Komm schon, du schaffst die verbleibenden <span class=\"pomodoroHighlight\">__remainingMinutes__ Minuten</span> Lernzeit!",
"button": {
"cancel": "Stop.",
"confirm": "Continue!"
"cancel": "Stopp.",
"confirm": "Ich mache weiter!"
"confirm": {
"title": "You didn't make it.",
"text": "You couldn't complete the <span class=\"pomodoroHighlight\"> __pomodoroGoal__ __pomodoro__</span> you planned on doing. Sometimes life gets in the way, we get it! See you back here later!",
"title": "Du hast es nicht geschafft.",
"text": "Du hattest dir <span class=\"pomodoroHighlight\"> __pomodoroGoal__ __pomodoro__</span> vorgenommen. <br><br>Manchmal kommt halt was dazwischen, wir verstehen das! Komm bald wieder zum Lernen hierher zurück!",
"button": {
"confirm": "OK!"
"confirm": "Okay!"
"end": {
"title": "Stop the productivity train?",
"text": "Hey, you've reached your goal of <span class=\"pomodoroHighlight\"> __pomodoroGoal__ __pomodoro__</span>! You've built up some good momentum, are you sure you want to stop?",
"title": "Deinen Lernfluss beenden?",
"text": "Hey, du hast dein Ziel von <span class=\"pomodoroHighlight\"> __pomodoroGoal__ __pomodoro__</span> geschafft! <br><br>Du hast eine gute Ausdauer entwickelt, bist du sicher, dass du aufhören willst?",
"button": {
"cancel": "Continue!",
"confirm": "Stop."
"cancel": "Ich mache weiter!",
"confirm": "Stopp."
"confirm": {
"title": "Great job!",
"text": "In the end you did <span class=\"pomodoroHighlight\"> __pomodoroGoal__ __pomodoro__</span>, for a total of <span class=\"pomodoroHighlight\"> __pomodoroTotal__ minutes</span> of work! You are awesome! Come back soon!",
"title": "Großartig!",
"text": "Am Ende hast du <span class=\"pomodoroHighlight\"> __pomodoroGoal__ __pomodoro__</span> geschafft, in Summe <span class=\"pomodoroHighlight\"> __pomodoroTotal__ Minuten</span> Lernzeit! <br><br>Du bist klasse! Komm bald zurück!",
"button": {
"confirm": "OK!"
"confirm": "Okay!"
"break": {
"start": {
"title": "Good job!",
"text": "You have completed <span class=\"pomodoroHighlight\"> __pomodoroTotal__ __pomodoro__</span> of work! Are you ready for a relaxing <span class=\"pomodoroHighlight\"> __pomodoroBreak__ minutes</span> of whatever the heck you feel like?",
"title": "Gut gelernt!",
"text": "Du hast <span class=\"pomodoroHighlight\"> __pomodoroTotal__ __pomodoro__</span> Lernzeit geschafft! <br><br>Bist du bereit für erholsame <span class=\"pomodoroHighlight\"> __pomodoroBreak__ Minuten</span> Pause, in der du tun kannst, wonach auch immer dir der Sinn steht?",
"button": {
"confirm": "Yes, I can't wait!"
"confirm": "Ja, ich kann nicht länger warten!"
"end": {
"title": "Break's over!",
"text": "Hope that break left you feeling refreshed! Now it's time to get back to accomplishing your goals. Ready for <span class=\"pomodoroHighlight\"> __pomodoroLength__ more minutes</span> of work?",
"title": "Die Pause ist vorbei!",
"text": "Wir hoffen, dass dich die Pause erfrischt hat! Jetzt ist es an der Zeit, wieder zu lernen. <br><br>Bereit für die nächsten <span class=\"pomodoroHighlight\"> __pomodoroLength__ Minuten</span> Lernzeit?",
"button": {
"confirm": "Let me at it!"
"confirm": "Lass mich anfangen!"
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